Files will be hosted on my uWaterloo Linux site, here. To access a list of past and current course notes, however, you may find them here. Check out more resources here, linked by my blogger friend at Lambertω.

My Own Work:

uWaterloo Files

Planned Progression for FARM/Mathematical Finance/Statistics Minor (.xlmx)
An .xlmx Excel spreadsheet which details a recommended course progression for anyone interested in doing a Financial Analysis and Risk Management PRM Specialization, a specialization in Mathematical Finance and a Statistics Minor.

Financial Software / Spreadsheets

Budgeting workbook [Revision 2.1] (.xlmx.xlm)
An excel budget spreadsheet that I developed. Find out more about the workbook features and budgeting in general, here.
[November 10, 2011] 

Mathematics Papers

Proof of the Irrationality of Pi (.pdf)
An in-depth proof using Ivan Niven’s method for proving the irrationality of Pi.
You can check out the related post here.
[November 11, 2011] [April 26, 2012]

Proof of the Irrationality of e (.pdf)
A fairly brief proof on the irrationality of Euler’s constant, e.
[April 26, 2012]

Fish Population Problem (.pdf)
My own solution to an interesting population problem that I found on another blog.
[January 1, 2012] 

Mathematics IB Extended Essay (.pdf)
My IB extended essay on the classification of the different infinities (in terms of cardinality), using techniques developed by Cantor
[September 2009]

LyX/LaTeX Templates

Book, Notes, Assignment, Article,  and Mathematics Work Term Report LyX templates. Special thanks goes to Thomas Dimson who made the original Work Report Template.

All old and new versions will now be hosted on GitHub, accessed here. I will keep the Linux links (here) up, but development on that website has ceased indefinitely.

NOTE: I highly advise that you get the hfbright package in your MiTeX package manager if you want to use the cmbright fonts. They look many times sharper!

Other Resources:

Academic Resources

Various Mathematics Course Notes (link)
A webpage created by Professor Emeritus Robert B. Ash at the University of Illinois consisting of notes on topics in various fields of mathematics.

Study Tips and Education Related Content

A Mathematician’s Lament (.pdf)
An article detailing the current problems faced with current mathematics education by Paul Lockhart. It’s an excellent read and one of my favourite articles.

A Mathematician’s Survival Guide (.pdf)
A VERY good read (another one of my favourites) about the public perceptions of mathematicians versus a mathematician’s own thoughts on the subject by Peter G. Casazza. I highly advise that you buy the book as it has some of the most useful information found for the motivated undergraduate looking for graduate schools.

How to get straight A’s in college (link)
A link to Presh Talwalker’s advice on maintaining straight A’s in college from his experiences at Stanford. 

How To Read a Mathematics Textbook (link)
A link to Dr.D’Agostino’s advice on how to properly read (and re-read) maths textbooks.


Lyx (link)
A WYSIWYM document typesetter which uses LaTeX or any TeX package to write articles, reports, books and papers. This is what I mainly use to type my documents.


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