Related Websites

Below are couple websites that I have found useful throughout my current undergraduate years as well as some that I have personally invested my time into. You can also find links to these pages, and other sites, on the blogroll on the main page of this blog:

Personal Websites

uWaterloo Linux Website
This is a website that I am personally working on in order to learn more about HTML/CSS/Dreamweaver.

Favourite Mathematics Blogs

This is a blog that was started by one of my friends in Waterloo, Michael Baker. In it you will find various course notes on mathematics courses in Waterloo (personally typed by the author), a forum for discussing random tidbits on advanced mathematics topics, and interesting topics found in pure mathematics.

QED Insight
A blog created by Dr. Santo D’Agostino, a teacher of one of my friends. In his blog, you will find many topics centered around general education, mathematics, physics, economics, and plenty more subjects, too numerous to list here. Definitely informative and fun to read.

Mind Your Decisions
A blog started by Presh Talwalker on interesting problems on Game Theory, Statistics and Mathematical Puzzles. On the blog, you will also find useful postings on personal finance and general finance.


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