Spring 2013 Course Notes

Hi everybody,

As I move into the edge of third year as an undergraduate student, the time that I have to actively contribute to this blog lessen more and more. However, with my new investment into a new tablet/laptop (that can last more than 1 hour) in the form of the latest Microsoft Surface Pro, I hope to make it up to everyone out there by offering not one, not two, but SIX sets of course notes this term.

Specifically I will be covering PMATH 450, PMATH 352, ACTSC 372, ACTSC 445, STAT 371 and STAT 330. I have already posted the most up to date versions of these notes in the Course Notes section of my blog and will continue to update them throughout the term, along with review notes for midterms and finals. Note that currently I am emphasizing the content of these notes rather than the aesthetics, so some areas such as the index and abstract are still under construction.

Hopefully I will have some time to present something of interest from my studies as the term goes on, but for now, all of you who are dying to know more about the details the non-measurability of transforms of \mathbb R \backslash \mathbb Q will have to make do with my notes.

Until next time,

Stochastic Seeker


Fall 2012 Exam Notes

Final exam review sheets have been posted for STAT 333 and PMATH 351 in the Course Notes section of this blog. I will update this post when more notes become available.

Update 1: The review sheet for ACTSC 371 is now available.

Update 2: The review sheet for CS 338 is now available.

Course Notes Update


Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written but now that reading week is underway, I’ll hopefully have some time to look into some interesting things after I get my assignments done. In the meantime, I’ve updated both STAT231 and MATH247 course notes and you can find them the course notes section above.

I also made a few minor tweaks to STAT231 and have started writing it in a more informal tone to reflect the artsy-ness of the subject. There are no changes in MATH247, however and the tone is relatively concise and to the point.

Anyways, enjoy! I’ll be busy trying to make up for that horrible MATH247 midterm through assignments today (and maybe most of tomorrow).

Small Beginnings

Finally, for all the people at Waterloo taking statistics and advanced calculus III, this term, I bring you the beginnings of my typesetted course notes! Check them out in the “Course Notes” section of this blog.

For the other people in some of my other classes, I’ve refrained from typesetting those due to how the lectures were structured:

  • CS330: Powerpoint slides were provided and classes were just discussions… exactly like a business course.
  • CS371: There are some awesome notes already online at this link.
  • ECON102: I do have notes on OneNote but these are not very clear unless one has attended L. Smith’s lectures.
  • ECON201: See CS330 for the same reasons.

I’ll continue to update the ones that I do have as the term goes on (without official posts), so be sure to spread the word to all of your friends taking the course. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to find some more interesting content to blog about, but for now stay tuned for that Black-Scholes primer document!

Happy New Year Everyone!

To all my readers and friends out there, I just want to start off by wishing everyone a happy  new year! While you may not have heard from for a quite a while now, I assure you that I have been working on quite a few other projects. Here are a few that you look forward to:

  • First off, I decided to move and develop my LaTeX templates on GitHub, as per a recommendation by one of my friends, and you can now access the latest version here. Instructions are on the page in case you are not too familiar with the layout of the pages. I will still leave the link to the uWaterloo Linux website intact, but all development on that site will cease indefinitely (new files will be put up there, but not new webpages).
  • Also on GitHub, I have put up many of my coding projects, including a Stock/Black-Scholes Option simulator and a biased random walk. You can access them via this link.
  • Today (or tomorrow), I will hopefully be finishing off my “High school life, research topics, and advice for the young aspiring mathematician.” series so you can look forward to that.
  • Course notes will start coming up soon as I continue my quest to take over Lambertw’s empire of quality notes
  • I have decided to publish the fish population article for lack of updates from the original website on that problem. The problem of the square through the sphere is still under development.
  • In the future, I will be restoring my old extended essay into a cleaner LaTeX form
  • Currently I am developing a cleaner way to view projects on the site. Suggestions are appreciated; right now I am thinking of just moving everything to GitHub.
  • As for the few projects that I will be putting off, these include my Ray Tracing project and Black-Scholes mini-series due to the six-course load that I will be taking at Waterloo in the coming Winter.
  • For those of you who would like to see some an introductory article to Black-Scholes, I will be putting that up very soon.

I hope to see old and new readers coming in for the new year because now is where the content will be really flowing in!

Complete LyX Templates Overhaul.

Those of you who have been following my blog from the start may recall that I created a couple of LyX templates to be used for educational and practical purposes. Well now I have added two more templates to the collection as well as some major changes to existing ones to better suit the needs of you, the readers.

University of Waterloo math & comp sci building

Image via Wikipedia

Mathematics Majors in co-op at the University of Waterloo may want to take advantage of the Mathematics Work Template as I have specifically made it to adhere to the work report structure specified here.

You can get a copy in the Resources section of my blog and included in the section is a link to the old version of the templates for anyone who doesn’t prefer the current ones.

To see  a full list of changes, please see the changelog below:

Changes from V1.0.0 to V2.0.0:

  • Added some “Lorem Ipsum”
  • Changed the default font to Computer Modern Sans Bright; hfbright package is required
  • “Contents” is now labeled “Table of Contents”
  • Added Roman numerals to the front matter without the need of the book document class
  • Two new Templates
    • Book Template
    • Mathematics Work Report Template (Uses Latin Modern font)
  • Added the captions package and modified the figure labeling styles
  • Removed the pesky URL boxes that appear when the PDF is compiled
  • Created custom colours for URL and other linking text via the hyperref package
  • Section Numbering in the Work Report now has a decimal added to it (i.e. Section 1 becomes Section 1.0)
  • Added a .bib file so the bibliographies in the templates will reference site
  • Added Appendices and List of Figures where applicable
  • Improved the appearance of the front and back matter
  • Made the “empty” fields more generic (e.g. Removed “Waterloo” from all of them)
  • All pages (except the title pages) use the “fancy” pagestyle; they also take advantage of the fancy headings features
  • Fixed a bug in the Table of Contents which caused some misalignment
  • All packages will use the AMS theorems modules
  • APA Styling is now used in the Bibliographies (except for the Work Report Template, which uses IEEE)

Files, updates, and file updates!


For those who have checked last night or today you have probably noticed a few updates on the site, namely a new theme and a couple new added widgets. The new theme for blog is now Twenty Eleven and some of the new widgets that I have included are a category cloud, a new Facebook page window and couple new social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

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