Another End of Term Post

Hi everybody,

Just like my other end of term posts, I’ll start with the same old, same old. School has been rough, interview cycles have been hectic, and plans for graduation are looming over the horizon, so naturally blogging has been on the bottom of my priority list.

However, today I have been fairly productive in cleaning up the Course Notes section of this blog. Instead of the notes being maintained on my Waterloo Linux account, I’ve decided to store all relevant files on my SkyDrive account with encrypted links included in that section of the blog (the old files will still be on my Linux account, but will be outdated as of today). I’ve also taken the entirety of today to update all the details of my Spring 2013 courses which include the abstracts, indices, and references of each course so to make your reading and learning experience a bit easier.

This term I don’t plan to be taking down any PMATH 451 notes, even though I will be taking it with Prof. Forrest. The reason being that online courses generally come with enough reference material that I won’t need to. I may decide to write a midterm or final exam review sheet though.

Hopefully, this week I’ll have enough post-exam creative juices within me to write up a few quality articles before I’m off to my internship on the 26th.


2 thoughts on “Another End of Term Post

  1. Hi, where are you interning, if I may ask and how hard is it to get an internship or a co-op term? Essentially, what do you need to do to land one. Thanks.

    • Hi Zafar,

      I will be interning at TD Bank in their risk modeling department starting on the 26th. To answer your question about how hard it is to get an internship, this will depend on the type of job that you would like to apply for and what your current skill set is. For example, it would be really difficult to land a marketing job if you have had no prior experience talking with client or doing presentations.

      That being said, here is a simple procedure that I follow when looking for an internship:

      1. First, write down what your dream job is, and don’t worry if it’s feasible or not.

      2. Find 5-10 job postings that are closely related to the description you wrote down in step 1, and study their job descriptions. These should be the jobs that you should really want and believe that you have the qualifications for.

      3. Tailor your resume closely to each of the above job descriptions and if you have the time, create custom resumes for each job. Make sure to include cover letters in these applications.

      4. Next, find 15-20 jobs that you would find acceptable and send out your standard (not custom-made) resume for these. You shouldn’t waste your time making cover letters. These jobs should be slightly related to the one that you picked in step 2 so the preparations you made for interviews in step can carry over to these jobs.

      Generally with this approach I get about 5-10 interviews back, but this varies with a person’s experience. As a bonus, here are a few general tips about the job hunting process:

      – The number of years of experience is usually just a general guideline for recruiters. If you satisfy at least half of that amount and you want the job, you should think of applying.
      – Remember that your resume is your “foot in the door” and the interview is where you’ll be assessed. Keep the content in your resume brief, but in such a way that the recruiter would want to know more about you.
      – Designing your resume neatly and concisely will definitely make you stand out from the crowd; for a sample resume, check out mine here:
      – Study case interviews. In almost all of the interviews that I’ve been through, you will at least 1-2 cases (unless you are applying for a technical job in the computer science industry).
      – Make a strong first impression. Many interviewers have often said they know whether or not they would hire someone within the first 30 seconds, so make sure you are confident – but not overconfident – going into the interview.

      If there is anything else specifically that you want to know, I would be more than willing to answer your questions.

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