Some end of term work

Just about one week after my exams, I went to work on tidying up course notes and making sure that errata such as final exam study notes were polished enough to put on the blog. They’re now ready in the Course Notes section of this blog along with a bonus set of notes based on the multivariable calculus video series here.

Taught by Prof. Auroux, I decided to focus on only the vector calculus component of the lectures as the other components are well covered by my MATH 247 notes (also found on the same blog page). Specifically these notes cover the following:

In addition to these notes, I also completed one of my little side projects which is a basic proof on the irrationality of Euler’s Number, e. Check it out in the Resources section.

Over the next couple months or so, I will also be preparing to write the Putnam exam in December, so stay tuned for future interesting problems.

For undergraduates who are taking the summer off, I hope you all have a nice vacation and a good rest for the upcoming fall term.

For co-op students like me who are back to work next week, stay diligent and strong. Your efforts will appreciate someday.


It’s That Time of Year Again!

With the winter term finally coming to an end, it’s that time again… final exams! Who else is excited?! No one? Oh. Okay.

Well for those of you who are stressing out this April AND who are in my MATH247 and STAT231 class, fear not! I have prepared final exam study guides for those courses which you can access here. I also completed course notes for those courses which you check out in the course notes section above.

For those of you in Waterloo, I will be in MC4021 until 8:30pm today, with a 6:00pm to 6:30pm dinner break in-between. Come on by if you want to discuss content from MATH247, STAT231, CS371, CS330, ECON102 and ECON201. Preferably come by around 3:30pm as there seems to be a class having a final exam review at the moment. Stay tuned for further updates on future study locations on the Facebook page.

For everyone else who is doing finals, good luck!

I wish you all success.