Which field(s) of mathematics are you interested in?

EDIT 1: There really should be a +1 to the CO section. I just forgot to add it, when I first made the poll. Sorry!

EDIT 2: +1 to Topology as well. Please let me know if you guys have any more areas of mathematics that I’m missing!


8 thoughts on “Which field(s) of mathematics are you interested in?

    • An accountant’s definition of the reals:

      Well ordering:
      -If it’s negative, it doesn’t exist.
      -All credits (with brackets) < debits, but sometimes not… the balance sheets are special cases…

      Cauchy Sequences:
      -Irrational and trancendental numbers? What are those?
      -Fractions? Just round to the nearest cent!
      -All sequences of monetary values by this logic converge to another monetary value, therefore, our accounting real space is complete

      Functions on R:
      -Alt 1:Yes, I know how to program in R… I just don't know what the programs do…
      -Alt 2: Well, the function of the organization with respect to R is…
      -Alt 3: Continuity? The only continuity we talk about here is the continuity of the firm! These figures aren't going to adjust themselves, you know…
      -Alt 4: Topology? I hear it makes you think donuts are coffee cups…

      • @the “accounting real space”: yeah, because that arithmetic is pretty much just a contraction of the integers lol (and the integers are a complete metric space)

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