Course Notes Update


Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written but now that reading week is underway, I’ll hopefully have some time to look into some interesting things after I get my assignments done. In the meantime, I’ve updated both STAT231 and MATH247 course notes and you can find them the course notes section above.

I also made a few minor tweaks to STAT231 and have started writing it in a more informal tone to reflect the artsy-ness of the subject. There are no changes in MATH247, however and the tone is relatively concise and to the point.

Anyways, enjoy! I’ll be busy trying to make up for that horrible MATH247 midterm through assignments today (and maybe most of tomorrow).


Which field(s) of mathematics are you interested in?

EDIT 1: There really should be a +1 to the CO section. I just forgot to add it, when I first made the poll. Sorry!

EDIT 2: +1 to Topology as well. Please let me know if you guys have any more areas of mathematics that I’m missing!

Course Notes Tracking

Sorry I haven’t been updating my course notes regularly guys, but from now on I’ll list statuses beside the notes to let everyone know if they are up to date or how many lectures behind I am.

In other news, the MATH 247 notes are midterm ready, so for anyone who is studying for the 247 midterm tomorrow, my notes should be sufficient. Be wary that all the proofs that we have done so far can be potentially questions on the test. I’ll be adding examples to the notes soon.

As lambertw would say to the 245-er’s, godspeed 247-er’s. Godspeed.