Files, updates, and file updates!

For those who have checked last night or today you have probably noticed a few updates on the site, namely a new theme and a couple new added widgets. The new theme for blog is now Twenty Eleven and some of the new widgets that I have included are a category cloud, a new Facebook page window and couple new social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

In addition, I have added two new pages at the top, a Resources page and a Gallery page. In the resources page, you will find I have added some resources related to LyX, a typesetting program that I regularly use for typing up my assignments and pretty soon will be using for note-taking.

Two of these resources are handy templates that I have created (which can be accessed here) for writing up nice looking assignments and course notes. There are included instructions on to format them once the files have been opened in LyX. Credits go to lambertw and his course notes as they were the main inspiration behind the templates.

In terms of updates related to older files, I have revised the Budgeting workbook to now include two pie charts depicting the different amounts of revenue and costs so to see the amounts compared relative to each other.

In the coming weeks, though, do not expect too many updates as I will be primarily preparing to write the Financial Mathematics Actuary Exam (Exam FM/2) on December 10th. Hence, most of my time will be devoted to practice exams and writing cheat sheets.

However, stay tuned, as you’ll never know when I’ll discover something interesting during my studies.

EDIT: Some things that were not included in this post:

  • Updated the .pdf “Proof of Irrationality of Pi” and included its LyX file
  • Added a new template, Article Template, in the Resources page
  • Formatting headings and a few colour schemes on some of the pages


  • More updates to the .pdf Pi paper and templates
  • Add more descriptions on other pages


  • Changed the overall theme of the site

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