A deferred introduction.

Starting off a mathematics blog with a great introduction, while advised, is not essential and by no means can be applicable to my situation. I began this blog some time in late April in the hopes of putting out weekly entries as I progressed through my third semester at the University of Waterloo, but many things happened along the way, priorities were pushed back and eventually the content I prepared for this blog was left sitting in the dust.

It is now about 5 months later, but here would be my own version of a long overdue, late and semi-competent introduction:

Hi there, and welcome to my blog where I will be planning to update regularly in the upcoming Winter term of 2012.

Through the many posts that I will be churning out starting in January, I hope that this blog will educate, interest, and promote discussion among both the general public and those who are going into a field of either finance, pure mathematics, computational mathematics, computer science or economics (the relationship need not be exclusive). It will also serve as a general information dump as I continue my long journey towards becoming a professional quantitative analyst.

For those who are taking related courses at Waterloo or those interested in any of the above subject matter, you can check out the already set up “Course Notes” section for updates on notes that I will hopefully by typesetting during my academic terms as well as to have access to notes set up by some of my other fellow bloggers.

In these next two months, do not expect regular postings, though, as the times that I will choose to update will be sporadic and chaotic (true to the blog’s name).

However, stay tuned, as eventually things will pick up and hopefully converge into a more stable state.


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