A gift.

For my first official content related post, I thought I would start by giving out something to you, the readers. Specifically, something that’s usually marketed on many financial websites and is often used to save money and carefully plan out investments and expenses. What I am talking about is an Excel budget workbook , and it’s free of charge, of course!

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A deferred introduction.

Starting off a mathematics blog with a great introduction, while advised, is not essential and by no means can be applicable to my situation. I began this blog some time in late April in the hopes of putting out weekly entries as I progressed through my third semester at the University of Waterloo, but many things happened along the way, priorities were pushed back and eventually the content I prepared for this blog was left sitting in the dust.

It is now about 5 months later, but here would be my own version of a long overdue, late and semi-competent introduction:

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